Lipstick is a must-have makeup product for every woman. Wearing lipstick can transform your look in an instant. However, when choosing lipstick, it is important to be a little bit careful. Lipstick can tell a lot about your personality and even your mood.

For instance, when going to a night party event, a bright red lipstick will do the trick. This is a color that will glow in the dark, and it shows that you are prepared for the event. If you are planning to start wearing lipstick, here are some rules that you should always observe:

Prepare your lips

Wearing lipstick on clean and fresh lips is important. Always apply a fresh coat of lipstick on your lips after cleaning the previous coat of lipstick. The idea is to prepare your lips before you wear your favorite coat of lipstick. There are various ways of preparing your lips like exfoliating and moisturizing your lips.

Exfoliating is a good way to remove dead skin and avoid chipping of the lips. Moisturizing, on the other hand, will avoid cracking of lips and especially when using matte liquid lipstick or lip stains.

Lining your lips

Lining your lips is a good way to define the lipstick coverage. You don’t have to use a lip liner to achieve the effect because today we have eye pencils that still do the job. The idea is to define your lips so that you avoid putting lipstick in areas away from your lips. If you are not able to achieve the perfect lines in the first instance, then don’t worry about it. It takes some time before you perfect the art.

Application techniques

The application techniques will determine the kind of effect that you will get from your lipstick. The best way to apply lipstick is to start from the middle and move towards the corners. This is a good lipstick technique to make sure that the intensity moves from the middle towards the end. Using light strokes is the best way to apply lipstick correctly and get results.

using lip liner

Choose the right shade

Choosing the right shade of lipstick is important. The lipstick that you choose should complement the color of your lips as well as your skin tone. Do not just buy a lipstick shade because it looks good on someone else. Always take time and choose the right shade for your lip color and skin tone.